Video: On Board with a Monster Aussie Corvette Dragster

There is perhaps only one other country on the planet Earth that loves cars as much as America does, and that is Australia. They have their own muscle cars (as well as plenty of ours) and the huge, wide open plains and deserts of the Australian Outback make it the perfect place to race away from the eyes of Johnny Law. Of course, there are plenty of legal places to get your ace on two, and there is a very healthy racing industry Down Under.

So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are more than a few souped-up Corvettes making their way down the Australian drag strips. This particular car, found by Corvetteblogger on the Corvette Forum, features a wicked paintjob, a 510ci Chevy engine, and an onboard camera that is sure to shake up your day.

Chevrolet doesn’t have a big corporate presence in Australia – the GM banner is flown there by Holden, but that hasn’t stopped Corvette enthusiasts from getting their hands on the sports car (though only at great cost and effort) and many Aussies have taken to importing older ‘vettes like this badass C4, which rumor has it packs around 2,000 horsepower.

As the video shows (from both outside and within the car) this monster makes some gnarly noises and get our juices flowing. How much of this car is still “original” C4 Corvette we don’t know (though its hard to imagine much of this car remained stock, if it isn’t actually just a from-the-ground-up tube frame car) but it does demonstrate the lengths to which Corvette fans around the world will go to get their hands on this world class race car… even if it is 20 years old.

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