Mark Carlyle continues his mission to pilot the world’s fastest independent rear suspension-equipped Corvette, and with a recent trip to the Milan Dragway we are treated to special view of what 7.88 at 183 MPH really looks like. Although the recent video update features an on-car camera angle, it gives viewers a chance to understand just how quick that really is. The Atomic Fusion C6 has gone through quite an evolution through its life, achieving the world record for the fastest IRS equipped Corvette at the LSX Shootout in St. Louis last year. As the record holder, Carlyle felt as though he had a target on his back with the competition.

With potential challenges from competitors and a desire to make the C6 even faster, Carlyle set his mind to developing a more potent combination that would indeed go faster than last year’s record-setting pass. It’s still unclear what the ultimate lower ET limit will be for an IRS Corvette, but this clip proves that Carlyle and his turbo-charged C6 are still trying to push the boundaries of how fast an independent rear suspension Corvette can go.