The Chevy Corvette enjoys the kind of international fame and envy that few cars ever manage, and you can go to just about any country in the world and find a Corvette, if you look hard enough. Even a car many enthusiasts might consider undesirable, like a mid-70s targa top Corvette can be a real attention getter in a place like Europe, though getting parts can be a real pain.

So we feel for the owner of this C3 Corvette, who lines up at a Finnish drag strip in his 1975 Corvette and runs an impressive sub-10 second quarter mile, only to have his targa roof ejected off of the car, taking the roof-mounted camera with it. It’s a one-of-a-kind video, and kind of hilarious.

Scandinavians love them some American muscle cars, and the Finnish are particularly fond of our classics, even cars like the anemic ‘75 Corvette. Of course with a built, naturally-aspirated big-block engine running E85 ethanol, this ‘75 Corvette can scoot, zipping down the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds at about 140 MPH.

So it’s really no wonder the targa roof peeled off of the Corvette and went flying into the air. Those things just weren’t built with those kinds of speeds in mind, and as is the case with most 40+ year old cars, sometimes things just break. The real kicker here is that a camera was mounted to the roof, looking down into the cockpit. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea, as now the driver needs a new roof AND camera.