Video: On Board A 10-second LS2 Corvette

It seems like the well never runs dry when it comes to interesting LS builds, which is good for us because we always have something cool to write about. Recently, Resurrection Motor Sports, in Arlington, Texas, shot a customer’s car into the 10 second range for the quarter mile. The car, a 2007 Corvette, had to go through some serious modifications to reach this milestone. Thanks to the Vortech Superchargers Blog for bringing us the news of this impressive build.

The modifications done to the C6’s LS2 powerplant include an A&A/Vortech Si-Trim Supercharging System with a 3.8-inch pulley, Alky Control single nozzle meth kit, A&A fuel system, RMS stage 4 S/C cam, ARH 1 7/8-inch headers and Monster Clutch stage 5 clutch. The car also has a RMS custom 2 bar tune. Not a bad setup for the pursuit of 10’s.

A video, included in the blog post, shows the Corvette in all its glory. The video, shot of the last run of the night, captures the Corvette as it reaches a speed of 126 mph, breaking the beams on the top end in 10.59 seconds. Other impressive numbers were the 1.54-second 60 ft. and 6.80-second 1/8 mile.

What makes the video interesting isn’t just the impressive speeds and quarter mile time. Most of the video is actually shot from a rear facing camera mounted inside the rear window of the Corvette. It’s not every day that you get to see a high-speed quarter mile run facing the rear of the car. At this angle, you can see the stands and the track melt away as the Corvette’s speed increases. This gives the viewer a true sense of just how fast the car reaches the quarter mile mark.

Skip ahead to the 1:15 mark to get to the good stuff…

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