Racing legend Jackie Stewart called it “the Green Hell,” and for today’s serious performance enthusiasts, Germany’s Nürburgring race circuit is still the gold standard for performance. OEM’s prove their cars have what it takes by comparing ‘Ring lap times, and the circuit’s Nordschleife loop is open to anyone who has the 26 Euros and the guts to put the hammer down. Drawing enthusiasts from all over the world, the infamous circuit boasts almost 13 miles of twisting pavement that caters to thousands of “Touristenfahrten” every year, and in this video we see what it’s like to lap the ‘Ring in a C5 Z06.

The penalties for an off-track excursion can be severe – while the ‘Ring is technically a public toll road, if you pitch your car into the weeds, you will be held responsible for the cost of repairs to the barriers, and even the toll revenue lost if the track must be closed to clean up your mess. But, as one of the world’s great historic race tracks and the litmus test for factory performance, the Nürburgring will continue to draw enthusiasts from around the world to test themselves against this legendary stretch of pavement.

May we suggest that, unless you are particularly well-financed, you satisfy yourself by watching this video of what it’s like, rather than spending the money yourself?