Video: Not Quite a Ferrari, Not Quite Maranello…

With extensive damage to the front end and passenger side front quarter, the Corvette was a perfect template for some body upgrades. If you look at the image 10 seconds in, you’ll see this wasn’t the first time the car has had some body mods done in a Ferrari-esque fashion, however, making us think this may not have been the first time the car was crashed, either

To make the car look more like a Ferrari, it looks like a body kit is being used that includes widened fenders, rear side vents, modified body lines, a modified rear clip with custom tail lights and a very aggressive Ferrari-esque front clip. The roof lines, glass, doors and rear hatch seem to be maintained as completely Corvette, however – some things are harder to change than others.

While we commend the effort being put into the transformation, we’re not quite sure what to think of the modifications. Toward the end of the slideshow, the Corvette seems to be coming together rather nicely but we have a feeling the car might turn out looking like an awkward knock-off at best. Add the modified body to a Corvette interior and the Chevy V8 under the hood, and we don’t think the owner will be fooling anyone into thinking his car is the real deal.

On a side note, if the body modifications being done to the Corvette don’t scare you, maybe the environment in which they’re being done will. We were kind of surprised to see wheels being used as jack stands and the car being painted in a semi-covered, outdoor work space while keeping the surrounding dirt hosed down so the dust doesn’t settle on the paint. We understand that sometimes you’ve got to use the only resources you have, but when it comes to body modifications and paint especially, a clean and enclosed shop is pretty necessary. This adds to our question of how good the car will really look after it’s done…


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