Video: Night Meet at Late Model Racecraft from TX2K14 – And Bikinis!

TX2K14 has proven to be one of the automotive events of the year – all weekend long we’ve been watching videos and information fly by on the ol’ Facebook feed – and perhaps one of the most well-attended events was the Night Meet at one of Houston’s purveyors of horsepower, Late Model Racecraft. The Late Model gang opened their doors to the public for this one, showing off some of their creations to the public.

lmr3 copyDuring the meet, the LMR team spends some quality time on the dyno with a number of vehicles, turning up the wick on a GTO to the tune of 424 rear-wheel horsepower, a Viper that pounds out 587 horses and 793 foot-pounds, and even a supercharged Corvette that hammers the dyno for a max torque reading of 1,500 foot-pounds.

There’s a large assortment of all types of machines shown from GT500s to Corvettes to Vipers to CTS-Vs – and in the process, we get to witness the obligatory ‘leaving the lot’ shots with a burnout thrown in for good measure. One voice can be heard in the video stating ‘Whoo-ee, so much ‘Merica’, and we have to wholeheartedly agree.

In addition, there are up-close and personal shots of some of the LMR girls hanging out in the shop – you know the ones, the girls that have become Interweb famous though the use of GoPro technology and some of LMR’s quickest street-going machines.

All in all, a complete celebration of all that is good in the automotive hobby – go ahead, watch the video and see if you don’t agree.

And if you’re not at work, feel free to click on the video below, and check out the TX2K14 bikini contest.

Thanks to 1320video and High Tech Corvette for the footage.

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