Video: New World’s Quickest ZR1 Corvette Dragstrip Pass

The quarter mile: it’s the ultimate test of just what can happen when you come up with the right combination of driver and modifications. Today’s video is a little throwback to Holley LS Fest and is certainly worth taking a second look. The car shown here just so happens to be the current record holder for the title of quickest ZR1, the highest echelon of factory Corvettes. (Take note that quickest refers to elapsed time, in contrast to fastest, which would indicate a higher MPH.)

From what we’ve been told, the Corvette is still operating on its stock bottom end. BTR ported heads and ported blower top off the block. The valvetrain and cam at the core of the record build also come from BTR. As far as boost goes, the crank and blower pulleys are set up to run between 16 and 17 pounds of boost. The intake of air is complemented with ID 850 injectors. The build is topped off with a 150 shot of nitrous along with some E85. After some programming tweaks by ShorTuning via HP Tuners and EFILive, the car made a pull on the dyno at LS Fest, making 802 horsepower and 846 pound-feet of torque to the tires.

On the surface, yeah, these numbers are a little lower than the 1,500 horsepower made by the previous record holder. When it came right down to it though, none of that seemed to matter. This pass was good enough to surpass the previous record holder by a quarter of a second. This may not seem to be much, but try safely picking up .25 when you’re already below the 10s.

Once news like this breaks, it’s only natural that somebody will have a contradictory opinion. We have no issue with that; but when it comes to the tall tales of other ZR1s competing with this record, we think our buddy Chris Demorro said it best; “Youtube, or it didn’t happen.”




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