By now you might have seen one of the videos that have popped up on YouTube over the last several weeks of the helicopter crash that happened during the filming of a Korean Top Gear episode featuring the ZR1 last month. However, now our friends at Corvette Blogger have found new footage of the crash posted to YouTube.

The helicopter, a retired US Military AH1 Cobra, was filming aerial footage of a black Corvette ZR1 for an episode of the Korean version of Top Gear early last month at what appears to be an airstrip near Coolidge, Arizona. In the video you can see the ZR1 go speeding by right before the copter enters the frame from the left, flips sideways, and slams into the ground.

Steve Esparza, one of the individuals who filmed the scene, told KSAZ Fox 10 from Phoenix, “My heart was pounding, and I knew I was going to witness something, and I just followed it with the camera.” Understandably, Esparza was badly shaken by the crash and immediately assumed the worst. He told KSAZ, “I think the thing that shook me up the most was, I thought the pilots were dead. I turned the camera off… I didn’t want to roll on what I thought I was about to see.”

Amazingly, both pilots of the managed to walk away from the crash with only minor injuries. Check out the video here, and be sure to check out Corvette Blogger’s full report on the incident.