Video: New C7.R Corvette Poised to Win Races

The General has done it yet again with Chevy’s latest iteration of race bred Corvettes, the Chevy C7.R. As if the C6.R wasn’t already good enough, the GM Performance division has raised the bar even higher with this amazing feat of engineering, especially when it comes to the all new aluminum frame and improved aerodynamics, all co-developed alongside the new Z06 Corvette which will be hitting production lines in late 2014.

CorvetteC7RReveal03-mediumWhen the GM Performance division put paper to pencil and began developing the C7.R, it is clear one thing was on their mind, winning races. The C7.R shares many features with the C7 currently in production, and then some. The C7.R frame is actually 40% stiffer than the previous C6.R which helped bring home the team championship in 2013 at the American Le Mans Series GT Class and the manufacturers’ championship for Chevrolet. A stiffer chassis translates into better handling and overall performance needed to win races.

In addition to a greatly stiffened chassis, the C7.RCorvetteC7RReveal02-medium features impressive “air management” qualities, including the lower air dam in the front bumper which rushes air through a tilted radiator as hot air is released through the hood extractor on the top side. This not only keeps the engine cool, but it reduces lift and increases downforce, also important variables needed in the equation which wins races.

It’s important to note the aerodynamics of the C7.R will be shared with the new 2015 Z06, meaning consumers can enjoy race qualities on their ride sitting in their garage – what more could you want from Chevrolet?


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