Video: Neon-Wielding Corvette Brings New Meaning to Individuality

To own something unique and special is a goal shared by many automotive enthusiasts. I mean, how many guys do you hear of trying to duplicate their next door neighbors’ car? Not many. Unfortunately, the pursuit of individuality gets taken to the extreme sometimes, like with the C6 Corvette in the video above. Just press play and you’ll see what we mean by “over the top.”

This 2011 C6 convertible is not your average Corvette show car. Complete with a bright yellow and black paint job, the car carries some unique flair in the form of neon lights. Ok, “some” would be exaggerating because this car has neon EVERYWHERE! Check out some of our eye-catching favorite neon details below.

The first thing we noticed in the video was the Fast and the Furious-type glow lighting up the pavement from under the Corvette. If anyone needs a throwback to the ‘90s, this is where you should start.

The paint job on the car isn’t bad, but the red glow emanating from the Corvette’s front fender vents gives the car more of a spaceship or time machine vibe than anything. And oh yes, no neon-wielding Corvette is complete without Lambo doors.

Neon lights under the hood give a unique effect, although we’re not quite sure if that’s for looks or to make working under the hood at night a little easier. After all, you wouldn’t want to mistake the snakeskin LS3 for a real reptile in the dark.

You better believe this Corvette has monitors in the door ends and truck lid. Not that either of those places would be helpful in displaying navigation to prevent you from getting lost, but they do make catching up on the latest music videos at car shows a bit easier. Isn’t that what smart phones are for though?

Neon-trimmed sound system anyone? You can’t have a dance party without fancy lights, now can you?

With neon lights everywhere, we weren’t surprised to see the lighting detail behind the snakeskin seats as well. So much for driving down a country road with the top down to look at the stars. The only view you’d get in this Corvette is of a giant red orb.

As if extra lighting under the car, in the trunk, and under the hood wasn’t enough, this Corvette even has added light strips in its headlights. You’ve got to give the builder props for thinking of every place possible to use the lighting, but there is such a thing as overkill, although, alone, this little detail might be kind of cool.

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