Video: NCM Sinkhole a Hoax? Well, At Least One Man Thinks So….

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the giant sinkhole that swallowed up eight rare Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky last week. And with the help of surveillance footage, press releases and drone footage of inside the sinkhole from the NCM itself, we’ve been able to keep you pretty informed. However, a video has arisen on YouTube featuring one party that claims the whole thing was a hoax. So, let’s break this down! But first, check out the video above to see just what this unnamed party’s reasons are behind their accusations.

Having been published on February 13th, the day after the sinkhole incident at the NCM occurred, the video gets right to the point- it was all a hoax, or rather “just another fake story put out by the media.”

Here at Corvette Online, we pride ourselves on giving you accurate information and according to our sources at the NCM, the sinkhole did in fact happen. So let’s break down the argument that it didn’t, shall we?

The first argument presented in the RussianVids video is that the blue ZR1 doesn’t have enough, if any, fiberglass damage on it associated with an earth-collapsing incident. For one, it’s difficult to tell what the extent of the damage is on any of the cars in the hole given the few photographs that have been taken of the aftermath. There’s also arguments that the car doesn’t appear to have a glossy finish, but then again we all know what happens when you throw a massive amount of dirt at your Corvette – it gets dusty and dull!

ncm_sinkhole_3Another argument highlighted in the video are that the cars look like toys in the photographs, which in the one the video provides, is true. However, in all the other photos and footage we’ve seen and shared with you, there is no denying that the cars are in fact real and life-size.

ncm_sinkhole_8There’s also the argument that the sinkhole happened indoors and couldn’t possibly be real because public on-lookers can’t get a good look at it.

Unfortunately, sinkholes don’t ask where to happen, they just happen, whether that’s inside a structure or not.

It should also be noted that a number of authorized individuals have been able to see the sinkhole for themselves.

In another video just put out by the same YouTube account, it’s also pointed out that there’s supposedly no shattered glass on the vehicles seen above the massive mound of dirt and debris, although one photo we released shows clear glass damage on the black ’62 Vette.

ncm_sinkhole_6While we can’t decisively say why some cars may not have glass damage, we have a feeling it had to do with the cars being carried down as the sinkhole opened rather than dropping into the hole after it was made. This could also explain why there was presumably less damage done to some of the Corvettes. 

ncm_sinkhole_7We might also point out that topics of other videos released under the RussianVids account include accusations of hoaxes involving the Boston Marathon bombing, the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and even the moon landing. There’s also no information listed about who maintains the username.

The NCM is still dealing with the tragic incident and assessing the damage both to the building and the cars affected.

Once the extent of the damage is known, we’re sure there will be another announcement made to the public – one that will probably be refuted by the same YouTube user.  Of course, we’ll make sure to inform you of the real facts!


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