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Video: National Insurance Crime Bureau Talks About Corvette Theft

Earlier this month, we brought you information from the National Insurance Crime Bureau about which Corvettes make the “Hot Wheels” list of most-stolen model years, and the NICB has also offered up this video, talking about the history of just how often ne’er-do-ells go after America’s Sports Car. Though records for the early production cars, before the standardization of VIN recording, are somewhat unreliable, it seems that out of the 300 first-year 1953 models, only three have ever been stolen.

Of course over the years, Y-bodies have become targets for thieves for a lot of different reasons – just because they’re expensive, as a source of repair parts for other Corvettes through ‘chop shops,’ simple joyriding, and we’ve even heard tales of shipping containers filled to order with stolen Corvettes to be shipped to customers in Eastern Europe and Asia.

So what can you do to make your Corvette less of a target (other than selling it for a less-stolen model year)? It all comes down to the usual advice – a determined thief can steal pretty much anything, but you can make yourself a less-tempting target and encourage the would-be dirtbag to move on to greener pastures. Alarms, car covers, garage storage, glass etching, and other strategies can all make your baby more likely to remain in your possession, but then again, sometimes fate brings a long-lost love back into your life, like the second gen Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in the video…

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