In the world of performance cars, we’re used to the theory that more is better. This idea has sparked thousands of car guys to modify their rides and dozens of television programs to pop up following the build process of such performance machines. But in a recently released show on the UK’s National Geographic Channel, the amount of power, modifications or awards won are irrelevant. That’s because these guys aren’t building cars; they’re tearing them down for cash. Check out the first episode above, featuring a C4 Corvette and a less-than-classic T-Bird.

As car enthusiasts, we’re used to a whole gamut of automotive television shows to choose from, with most having to do with the creation of extraordinary performance machines.

But on the UK’s Strippers: Cars for Cash on the National Geographic Channel, you’ll be seeing the exact opposite of a traditional car show.

That’s because on this automotive program, two teams, made up of George Percy and Sheldon Nichols, as well as Ben Szymanski and Frankie Oatway, compete to get the most money out of their cars by thrashing them, trashing them and pulling them apart. And whichever team makes the most money in just three days is the winner for the week.

While most of the upcoming episodes of Strippers: Cars for Cash will feature vehicles from overseas (at least for us), the episode above dives into one of the key genres of American automotive history – the muscle car.

Unfortunately, the term “muscle car” must mean something a little bit different over in England, as the two teams end up choosing a C4 Corvette and a 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe. Though both paired with tasteful engines (the Vette with a 5.7L “Crossfire” V8 and the T-Bird with a supercharged 3.8L V6), both cars are from the idea of classic muscle cars.

Either way, once the cars are chosen and purchased, both teams get to work tearing them apart, being extra careful to salvage every bit of the vehicles so they can pad their profits. While you’ll have to watch the wheeling and dealing for yourself to see who comes out on top, we’ll tell you this – there is a clear winner and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results.