Video: Mud Slinger Split-Window Corvette Mud Jam

We’re not sure which is the best part about these videos, even after watching them a couple of times. The Mud Slinger – a 4×4 sitting on a huge set of meats and wearing a 1963 Split Window Corvette body – rocks a set of polished headers that poke straight up through the hood and a diamond-plate dash, two items that kick ass in this particular instance.

The pure awesomeness of the thunder in the pipes combined with scads of horsepower is sure to assault your senses. Unfortunately we were unable to find any more information on the car’s construction, but it appears to be unstoppable all throughout these videos. In the top one the owner was competing at a Mud Jam this past weekend.

The very first run shows you what we’re working with; the flagman dropped his arms and the Mud Slinger was through the pit to the other side before his competition made it halfway through. The video alternates between external shots and in-car footage, but perhaps the best part is watching this ‘Vette owner wreck everyone’s day.

We found this second video of the Mud Slinger being put to the test in a local mud bog. The owner is thrashing the Slinger pretty hard and it just keeps on truckin’, taking on all different manner of obstacles with ease. Seeing a Corvette kick up some rooster-tails is amusing and the in-car footage just leaves us wanting more. One thing we did notice around 4:30 of the second video was how many switches the driver was flippin’ – surely there has to be a better way to rig up a set of windshield wipers?

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