Have you ever wondered where the components you purchase and utilize on your race car were designed and built? Something might come from a small facility with rather primitive manufacturing processes, while others are spit out of large, mass-produced production facilities, but regardless of which, the curiosity to see the process from behind the scenes is intriguing.

Our good friends at MSD Ignition recently filmed and released a tour of their two facilities located down in El Paso, Texas, providing a look many will never get the opportunity to witness firsthand of just how and where all of their industry-leading ignition system products come from.

House in a pair of facilities – one for production and the other for front office staff and research and development – MSD totals some 180,000 square feet combined. Everything from the sales and marketing, tech support, customer service, and even the graphics department call the Administration building home. This is also where MSD houses its dyno testing cells to complete it’s R&D on new or current products. MSD also utilizes Dynojet chassis dynamometers for testing of everything from automobiles to four wheelers and other offroad vehicles.

Over in the production facility, we first tour a number of stations designed for different products or stages of the assembly process, from the wiring harnesses to the ignition boards. Every ignition board is tested before place inside the familiar MSD housings and put through a burn-in process. We also get a peek at MSD’s “Focus Factory,” where ignitions for drag racing, stock cars, and other motorsports-only products are created from the ground up.

There’s much more to this tour of MSD than we could explain here in words, but be sure to check out the video, and if you want to learn more about MSD and their renowned lineup of ignition systems, log on to msdignition.com.