Video: Motorweek Celebrates 25 Years Of Callaway Performance

When it comes to celebrating Reeves Callaway’s 25th anniversary of ‘Vette building, there’s no one who’s more ready to join the party than Motorweek’s own John Davis as he talks with great enthusiasm about Callaway’s B2K-optioned C6 for 2012. “We’ve been waiting to get our behinds in the seat of this car since we got an early sneak peak from Reeves and the boys at the factory earlier this Spring,” exclaims Davis.

This year’s B2K C6 celebrates the anniversary of the original B2K ‘Vette built by Callaway all those years ago, and the car started as a Grand Sport that was specially prepped for the performance tuner by GM’s Bowling Green plant. The 25th-Anniversary edition B2K is also the highest-output LS3 ‘Vette to emerge from the Callaway Cars workshop.

Helping to squeeze some 620 horses from the C6 mill is a TVS 2300 supercharger, upgraded valve springs and pushrods, along with a set of high-ratio rocker arms. The build is one that’s also good for 555 feet-pounds of torque, and it helps the limited-production C6 to achieve a quarter-mile pass of 10.8 seconds at 128 miles per hour.

Indeed the ’12 B2K is a celebration of a car guy’s successful career in performance tuning, but as this is the case, then the ’13 SC652 427 convertible is equally a celebration of both a Callaway and Corvette milestone. This is because the 427 C6 is built by Reeves and his crew to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ‘Vette nameplate while using the Callaway touch the send the C6 lineup out with flying colors.

To remedy their thirst for power, Callaway uses an intercooled supercharger, an upgraded fuel pump and injectors to bump-up the SC652’s already stout LS7 to 652 horses with 620 feet-pounds of twist, enough to push the blown C6 to a quarter-mile run of 11.1 seconds at 127 miles per hour.

Both Callaway ‘Vettes are radical in terms of outright performance and both stand as testament to the potential of aftermarket engineering. Given the choice between the B2K and the SC652, how would you choose to celebrate Reeves Callaway’s motoring career?

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