Video: MotorTrend Tries Out the 2014 Corvette

Recently, MotorTrend’s Carlos Lago got his hands on the 2014 Corvette, the lucky dog, and got to do a thorough review of it. And, for a short while, it seems he was in Corvette heaven.

The Corvette Lago tested was the Z51 package, which adds some significant upgrades to the car, including bigger wheels and brakes as well as cooling for the electronic differential and 7-speed transmission. The high-grade, dual-mode exhaust gave the car a boost of 5 horsepower and 5 foot-pounds of torque, plus some badass sound waves when the gas is punched down the highway.


On the figure-eight, the Corvette proved its handling mettle with minimal body roll and excellent acceleration, completing the course in just under 24 seconds at .82g, with a peak lateral skidpad acceleration of 1.11g. And launching from 0 to 60 must have thrown Lago back in his seat, with the ‘Vette doing so in 3.9 seconds. For the quarter mile, the Corvette did it in an impressive 12.2 seconds at 117.3 MPH.

stingrayThe 6.2L overhead 16-valve V8 puts out 460 horsepower with 465 pound-feet of torque, and weighs in at 3,444 pounds. But you wouldn’t know just from numbers how the Corvette really feels–Lago himself had a hard time explaining the majesty that was the Stingray, stating, “There’s so much to talk about that I honestly don’t know where to start.” But he picked himself back up by starting off with how it feels to drive. Apparently, the answer is a resounding but understated “very well.”

Lago found one of the sharpest features to be the drive modes: Eco, Touring, Sport, Track, and Wet Weather. Each mode commands a different range of settings within the car, from timing to suspension to transmission, creating a harmonious, synchronized symphony of automotive operation, and can also be customized by any particular driver. As Lago remarks, the car is “working all around your inputs…[and tailors] the behavior of this car to any situation.”

stingrayinfotainmentTo hear Lago describe it, the gap between human and machine seems to be bridged with the latest version of the Corvette. Indeed, it’s like the thing was built to drive on the cutting edge, with a genius level of technology applied to allow better communication between car and driver.

The interior is terrific, with an optional carbon fiber dash and microfiber suede seats that better support the human body. The MyLink system is perfect for gadget-lovers, with voice commands and USB functionality, and the screen rolls down to provide space as a sort of “safe.”

In all, the 2014 Corvette outdoes expectations in all respects, and carries on the trend that Chevrolet has always provided for its flagship sports car: the bargain in its performance-to-dollar ratio. It will certainly make each and every one of its owners happy campers.

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