How many of you can’t get enough of the new C7 Corvette? We sure can’t! MotorTrend’s Jessi Lang takes the brand new Corvette Stingray Z51 to Bert Heck at K&N‘s facility to see what kind of power it puts to the wheels on their DynoJet, and also check out how their intake kits are manufactured and packaged.

The Stingray is definitely one hot commodity right now and we’re probably just as curious as you guys to know what its freshly designed LT1 motor can do. After two consistent pulls on the DynoJet chassis dyno, they find that the Corvette puts down roughly 400-403 horsepower at the rear wheels, which is a great baseline to start making some power. Before heading in to tour the facility, Heck reveals a prototype air filter for the C7 that they have been working on. It easily adds 15-20 horsepower just by dropping it in to the stock air filter’s location – how awesome is that? 

Transitioning to the facility, Heck explains to Lang how everything is done in-house, meaning that all of the machines that are used to make the filter kits are designed and built by them in the facility.

K&N’s carousel-looking machine that holds all of the molds for the filters is very innovative and allows them to make any kind of filter at any time, not just batches of the same filter. That is a very important aspect of the company because a customer can call at any time and order a custom one-off filter and K&N can produce it while not interrupting the production process of other filters.

Heck then takes Lang over to the “kitting” area of the facility where he explains that 2000-2500 intake kits are boxed up and ready to ship within an 8 hour shift. You can guarantee that there will be no shortage of K&N intake kits for your vehicle!