Who doesn’t love some C6 tail-sliding action? In this video we came across on YouTube, the lucky guys at the French performance magazine “MotorSport” get to take a yellow Z06 Centennial Edition out and give it a good flogging around the track, all in the name of enthusiast entertainment.

We aren’t normally a huge fan of “look at me” yellow cars, but you’ve got to admit that there’s just something about those cool black Centennial Edition concave wheels, with splash of red peeking out from behind the spokes that just looks right on this Velocity Yellow 2012 Z06. It looks good sitting still, but the Centennial Z06 really comes alive when the driver starts tossing it around the corners.

According to the video’s caption, this is a teaser for a full review of the Centennial Z06 in an upcoming edition of MotorSport that will hit the newsstands at the end of March. We’ve had to admonish MotorSport before because of their review of the ZR1, but in a rough translation of the caption, we discovered that they  actually seemed impressed with the handling and braking of the Z06 saying, “…understanding notably the brakes carbon ceramic and a chassis sport.” If you can’t read French, then it’s a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words, because it looks like they are having a pretty damn good time with this “brutish” American sports car.