Video: Moroso Air/Oil Separator/Catchcan Tested on a 2009 CTS-V

Your car’s positive crankcase ventilation (or PCV) system does some important things, like reducing emissions and improving ring seal. But, it also puts oil vapor right back into your engine’s intake tract, which can lead to carbon buildup and general nastiness over time. You can buy cans of various chemicals at your local auto parts store to try to clean up the gunk that accumulates, but Moroso has an easier solution that will work on virtually any vehicle on the market – their air/oil catch can. It is a very simple product that could eventually lead to you saving a lot of money on maintenance costs and parts.

If you’re under the hood a lot, you might notice a crankcase vent hose routing from the valve cover to the air intake. That vent hose reintroduces condensation and minute amounts of engine oil back into the intake, which in turn, could cause detonation, oil deposits in the intake tract, and on the intake valves themselves. An air/oil catch can is perfect for separating out the oil and returning clean air into the enginet.

Ethanol blend fuels naturally give off more moisture during the combustion process, so if you’re running E85 or drive a flex fuel vehicle and commonly use alcohol blends, a catch can would be a perfect way to help keep the motor healthy.

Maintaining the catch can is also very simple. Once the unit is installed, it would be best to check the can every fill up at the pump, or simply check it once a week. This will give you an idea of how much excess oil is collected for that week, or at each fill up, whichever you prefer.  

Also keep in mind that the harder you drive, the more excess oil will be collected in the can. Moroso’s air/oil catch can is a cost efficient modification and will keep the vehicle’s motor healthy for much longer. Check out for more info – in addition to universal catch can kits that will work with virtually any car on the market, they also have purpose-made kits for many popular performance cars.

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