Video: Modded ZR1 Breaks Into the 9’s on Nitto Drag Radials

It’s been established that a bone stock Corvette ZR1 can run as fast as 10.33 with a bit of help from a grippy set of drag radials. Well, how about a modified ZR1? Could a few bolt-ons and some tuning get a ZR1 into the realm of single digit E.T.’s? Thanks to this YouTube video filmed in south Texas, we can answer that question with a firm “yes”.

The silver ZR1 featured in this video has been tuned by Lethal Performance, out of San Antonio, Texas to run on E85. Along with a custom cam, headers, a Lingenfelter CAI, the ZR1 should be producing well over 700 horsepower at the crank. According to the video, the Corvette’s stock transmission has also been outfitted with a triple disc clutch.

Then we come to the issue of traction. Thanks to the huge (and awesome) carbon ceramic brake system on the ZR1, “normal” 15 and 17 inch drag radial sizes are out of the question. So, the ZR1 is running on a set of skinny side-walled 19-inch drag radials from Nitto, which seem to work just fine, thank you very much.

First run the ZR1 hits it hard off the line, getting some great traction from the Nittos, and just keeps on kicking all the way through the finish line. The reward: a blazing 9.93 at 148.9 miles per hour. To prove it wasn’t a fluke, the ZR1 heads back to starting line again, and blasts off like a rocket, tripping the beams at 9.97 at 147.9 miles per hour. And finally, for Round 3- once the camera finally gets in focus, we can see the ZR1 has posted a 9.97 at 149.2. How’s that for consistency?

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