Video: Mike Yager featured on CNBC’s “How I Made my Millions”

Mike Yager, founder, owner, operator, and self-proclaimed “chief cheerleader” of Mid America Motorworks is one of those great American success stories that help us all to remember that if you follow your passion, anything is possible. Yager was recently featured on CNBC’s hit show, “How I Made My Millions” where successful business men and women share the story of how they built their companies into the powerhouses they are today.

In Yager’s segment on the show, entitled “Wheels of Fortune,” he says that the original motivation to begin selling Corvette accessories was simply so he could pay for his trips to Corvette shows. He explains, “I got this idea that I would love to go to Corvette shows, and maybe if I could find something to subsidize the cost of travel, that would make life pretty great for me.” So, he started simple, selling Corvette patches for seventy-five cents each, and eventually built his way up to selling parts, becoming a one-man aftermarket parts supplier. After several years of continued success, he founded Mid America Motorworks in 1979. Today, Mid America Motorworks typically generates over $30,000,000 in sales in a good year, and plays host to the largest annual Corvette gathering in the world, the Corvette Funfest.

Yager is still very humble about his success, saying, “I was at the right place at the right time. I would like to think that I was a genius and had this all figured out, but that’s not quite true.” Being at the right place at the right time is certainly a way to get on the path to success, but capitalizing on those opportunities and putting in the hard work necessary are truly what helped Yager turn his passion for Corvettes into a multimillion dollar business.

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