Video: Mid America Motorworks 2017 Corvette Funfest – Part Two

Another year and another Funfest has some and gone.

The 2017 version of Mid America Motorwork’s Funfest went off without at hitch and a good time was had by all.

This 1956 Corvette was fresh off of a two year restoration and was absolutely stunning in Cascade Green.

‘Vette enthusiasts from across the country came to show off their cars and see the spectacle of the 24th annual Corvette party thrown by Mike Yager and clan.. A wide range of attractions were on hand as well offering everything from tech classes, parts, classes and vendors selling everything from wind defectors, to healing ointments, to car care potions.

Callaway Cars was at Funfest in full force with their bitchin’ Aerowagen.

Many Corvette luminaries were there as well including Ken Lingenfelter, Callaway Cars,  Corvette Engineer David McLellan as well as a first ever assembly of Corvette club leaders.  General Motors was there in full force with professionally led seminars as well.

Mike Yager's Garage--MYGarage--is always a treat. We love the 'Vette at the entrance as well as cool memorabilia, photos and history inside and out of the building.

Hundreds of Corvettes and spectators poured into the Effingham area for the four-day event.

A patchwork quilt of Corvettes–in every year and color imaginable–covered the grassy acreage of Mid America Motorwork’s sprawling midwest facility.

What do you need for your Corvette? Mid America Motorworks has it!!

There was much to see a well.  From the “Install Dome,” where you could have your Corvette fitted with a myriad of accessories right on premises, to a newly added drag race event.

Lord have mercy. Mako Shark lives!! Dan Spindler from Spindler Auto Body brought this black beast up from Missouri…

To wrap it all up, the concert on Saturday was a fitting finale to the weekend events. “World Classic Rockers” took the stage after dusk and featured players from such acts as Kansas and Journey.

This killer ’68 was an untouched, unmolested original.

Thanks to Mike Yager and the gang for another nice venue for a communion of Corvette lovers.  ‘Til next year!


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