Video: MGP Installs GM Licensed Caliper Covers on C5 Z06

Cars equipped with big inch wheels with open spoke designs don’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to their brake systems. Everything is right out in the open for everyone to see, and a dirty, rusty, brake dust covered set of calipers can really bring down the overall look of your car. Sure, you can clean up your calipers and spray them with some high temp paint – but you know as good as we do that the paint is only a temporary solution and it will be fading and peeling off in no time, leaving your brakes an even bigger eyesore.

Why not just skip over all that hassle and just bolt on a set of MGP’s trick caliper covers over your ugly stock calipers? Every set of MGP Caliper Covers is made of aerospace aluminum with TIG welded mounting arms. You can get them in a huge variety of colors, and the powder coated finish ensures a lifetime of good looks behind your big inch wheels. The nice thing about MGP’s caliper covers is that they add some function along with better looks by deflecting brake dust, helping to keep your wheels clean. MGP’s caliper covers aren’t aimed at posers trying to create the illusion of big brakes on their Honda, but rather at folks who are looking for a high quality, easy to install solution to give their brakes a much cleaner look that will last.

In this video from YouTube, MGP shows off their new line of GM Licensed Products by installing a set of their Corvette engraved caliper covers on a C5 Z06. It’s as easy as jacking up the car (always use jackstands), removing the wheel, clipping on the caliper cover and tightening the bolts down. Put the wheel back on and check for clearance around the cover, torque down the lug nuts, drop the car back down and drive on down the road with the peace of mind that your new MGP caliper covers will give you years of hassle free good looks.

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