Video: Melissa’s First Corvette Drive

OK… so we lured you into watching this video by using a girl’s name and the word Corvette in the hook. It appears that this is the very first time this family is allowing their daughter Melissa to drive their 1980 Corvette. Initial inspection shows that they gave her what is possibly the least expensive vehicle out of their stable to drive around. The two-minute video shows a plethora of  performance cars scattered about this family’s property, which appears to be somewhere in Pennsylvania from a license plate glance.  Not only are they hoarding the raised-white-letter-equipped ’80, there’s also a convertible C6, Ford F250, Camry wagon, CTS-V wagon, and even a C5 (with a trailer hitch!) hiding in the garage.  

Melissa does an admirable job of piloting the C3 around the obstacles in the driveway; it’s clear she’s rather nervous about damaging the car as it takes her a long time to shift between forward and reverse, and she has to rely on her mother’s guidance around the fairly-tight driveway. After an agonizing 1:45 of video, she finally nestles the C3 into its parking spot next to the C5.

Now the C3 she’s tooling around in has a nice rumble to it, leading us to wonder if the car has any sort of performance modifications, but sadly, no more information is given with the video. And what’s done to the other two ‘Vettes? And the CTS-V wagon? One has to wonder if a family with this many performance machines lurking in the background has any other hidden treasure lurking around; maybe a ’63 Split Window? One never knows, and that’s the beauty of YouTube.  Hopefully you get to drive that Corvette again, Melissa!

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