Polishing and waxing your classic ride by hand can be a time consuming process and when you’re done, there’s always a chance that swirls, oxidation and stains will still exist on your ride’s paint. While the solution in the past was using a professional polishing system, one that took great skill to use or loads of money to get, now you can get expert results on your own with Meguiar’s new DA (Drill Activated/Dual Action) Power System. Check it out in the video above.

daps_toolWanting to bridge the gap between hand polishing and professional machine polishing, Meguiar’s, your trusted brand in car care products, is now offering a DA Power System, which makes waxing and polishing your car a breeze.

Compatible with any electric drill, Meguiar’s DA Power System easily attaches to any corded drill in your garage to give you professional polishing results. And with the innovative dual action pad system, you can kiss swirls and unsightly polishing residue goodbye. What’s even better is that you can use this system for all your polishing, compounding and waxing needs thanks to interchangeable pads.

Available online or through your local auto parts store, the Meguiar’s DA Power System helps you get professional results in half the time and at a fraction of the cost of standard machine polishing systems. What more could you want for the upcoming show and race season?

Check out Meguiar’s full “how-to” video here for some instructional step-by-step on getting your ride looking its best. After all, all that hard work that goes into building a beautiful automobile should be complimented by pristine detailing to bring out and highlight its beauty.meguiars_da_system