Every mom is different, so it’d be unfair to try to lump them all together and say “Moms don’t like fast cars!” On the other hand, most moms are still rocking lumbering SUV’s and crossovers, rather than Corvette Z06’s. So it is probably safe to assume that most moms haven’t experienced a really, really fast car.

We have no idea how this loving son convinced his dear mother to strap in and join him on the track in his Corvette Z06. But this video that Autoblog found shows that mother dearest wasn’t exactly prepared for what sonny boy had in store.

The video, which is 12 minutes in length, starts off innocently enough. Both mother and son are wearing racing helmets, though the mother’s helmet is open-face (we assume to help her breath once the screaming begins.) Mother begs her son not to go “too fast” and he tells her to just calm down. She won’t have a chance though, as her son punches the throttle and the screaming slowly but surely begins as mother gets more and more nervous.

Yet she says she is alright when her son checks on her. Maybe that is because she doesn’t know whether to be terrified, or thrilled, as she alternately cries out in fear and breaks into uncontrollable laughte before screaming in fear again. But by far the best part is the huge grin we know the son is wearing underneath his racing helmet, and mother dearest doing her best to hold on for dear life. It’s really heartwarming, the things mothers do for their children.