Video: Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger Install Timelapse at LPE

We’ve been fans of Magnuson’s Heartbeat line of superchargers since the company first developed them, and we’re not the only ones. The crew over at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering recognized the new design’s advantages in efficiency, power potential, and compact size, the latter of which is especially important for Corvette applications where room under the hood is at a premium.

Less chatter, more wrenching!

Less chatter, more wrenching!

The Heartbeat's distinctive top cover goes on...

The Heartbeat’s distinctive top cover goes on…

In this video from LPE, we get to see the entire installation process on a C6 Grand Sport in timelapse, from the moment work begins to the dyno run at the end. While the video rolls, we also get to see some other interesting stuff come and go in the background, like a couple of C7 Stingrays, a GTO, a C6 ZR1, and even a Cadillac CTS-V. Pretty much any late model GM with an LS under the hood is a candidate for their attention, and if we’re not mistaken, there’s even a C4 Corvette there in the corner, too – LPE offers an extensive catalog of parts for these cars as well.

Once all the wrenches have been spun and the fender covers come off, the Grand Sport makes a pull on LPE’s dyno. The result of all that hard work is a very satisfying 527 horsepower and 474 pound-feet to the rear tires, right in line with what Magnuson predicts for their standard Heartbeat on an LS3. Of course, that’s probably just the beginning – Lingenfelter is very skilled at taking things up a notch from “standard,” so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this particular customer car getting even more power in the future.


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