Drifting seems to have taken a hold of pop culture, but imagine the delight in finding a video capable of merging drifting, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and a little northern Cali swagger. In a video starring “Mac Drift,” Mr. Drift proudly displays a variety of driving skills behind the wheel of red C6 Corvette. Complete with personalized license plate reading “MACDRFT” the Fresh Prince of Drift gives viewers a chance to ride along as he abuses the crap out of his tires. In the first sequence, the minor drifting around a traffic circle seems little weak but it gets a lot more entertaining around the fifty-second mark.

Shortly after the first round of spinning in a circle in complete, Mr. Drift feels the need to include a dope dance move to celebrate his accomplishment. Later sequences include some actual drifting complete with actual driving skill along with a host of crazy behavior. One of the most daring stunts Mr. Drift captures on camera is riding the side door of the Corvette while in motion; this particular stunt does seem a bit dangerous and possibly stupid (or an attempt to compete in the Darwin Awards), but rest assured that Mr. Drift and the Corvette are okay. In an attempt to give this larger-than-life video, Mr. Drift decides to conclude his cinematic masterpiece by spanking his own butt in front of the red Corvette.