Last September, sexy motoress Sarah Leann made the art of automotive picture-taking look fun when she and LMR of Houston, Texas shared a sultry session of Vette photo-shooting that did way more than create steam. By “steam” we of course are talking about the ’13 ZR1 that was the shoot’s centerpiece (ha, yeah right!), but it’s safe to say that Sarah made her contribution.

It was a fun time watching Sarah and her backyard curves adorn the white ZR1, and heaven forbid if we should ever hire pretty girls to make our favorite sports car even more exciting in the future. But the fact that such photo shoots often involve fast cars and pretty faces doesn’t take away from the fact that each one takes considerable amounts of time and planning.

Seasoned automotive photographer Luke Braswell takes us into the process of a photo shoot involving a ’13 Vette, and in our featured video we find that photography is an art of not only skill but precision, “It’s kind of a trial and error process; we figure out basically where we want the lights and we adjust accordingly,” explains Braswell.

Car shoots ultimately are about the car itself, and making sure that the Vette in our featured shoot was suitable for public viewing was of supreme importance to Braswell and the rest of his crew, “The first day of setting-up a car shoot is cleaning; we have to clean the car, [and] it usually takes a couple of hours to detail the car,” says Braswell.

Black plastic tarp material is used to protect the platform that the Vette is driving on, and most of the time used during a photo shoot is actually spent during setup.

Braswell’s tour of the photo shoot process offers us a new perspective on just how important photography is to the car craft, and for those aspiring writers who one day hope to write for the automotive press, just remember that photojournalism will inevitably become one of the most important parts of your trade!