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Video: Lots Of Snow, A Red C6 Corvette, And Flip-Flops

Admittedly, this video starts off in a very peculiar fashion thanks to the invention of video cameras that are easily mounted to anything. Starting with a POV shot, the star of this video wakes up, climbs out bed and looks out of the partially open window to stare at the snow. As the subject walks away from the window he throws on a pair of flips flops and then things start to get weird…

Our camera-loving driver documents his adventure to the awaiting red C6 Corvette while still wearing flip-flops despite the snow and obviously freezing cold temperatures. Unlike the Corvette stuck in the snow in at a Taco Bell, this guy seems familiar with handling a C6 even on snow covered roads. He manages to slide the red Corvette around the neighborhood without an issue, but things get a little more entertaining as the ‘Vette escapes the residential streets on to a wider roadway. With power poles and fences lining each side of the road there is plenty of room for carnage, but this guy manages to drift the C6 down the road without even teasing viewers with a near miss. On the trip back home the driver sets the camera back up for a crazy sideways shot; the Corvette slides out and the driver manages to roost the camera with nice spray of snow.

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