Video: Lose the Race, Make a Sandwich!

When thinking about what is at stake while drag racing, some may think of the tagline from the TV show “PINKS” that read; “lose the race, lose your ride!” While PINKS offered pretty extreme circumstances with the possibility of losing your car if you lost your race, most the time your own sense of pride is on the line when going into a grudge match.

In this recent video on CarBuzz, not only was pride on the line, but the embarrassment of the loser being required to make the winner a hand crafted shame-sandwich. The proposition was pretty simple; take one ProCharger equipped C7 driven by a female, pit it against a male-driven nitrous-equipped 2006 Viper at Street Car Takeover in Okalahoma City, and the loser has to make the winner a sandwich.  

While this was a simple enough proposition, the outcome was rather funny. Surely the driver of the Viper was pretty confident he was going to take the win because he was the one who introduced the sandwich idea by telling the female C7 driver to make him a sandwich after he won. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out quite as planned and the gentlemen in the Viper ended up losing to a Vette– and a lady. 

It appears the sandwich made her day!

Regardless of the loss, the Viper driver actually seemed like a good sport afterwards. Not only did he jokingly remark that he was going to put the Viper up for sale, he took special care and attention when making a beautifully-crafted sandwich for his arch rival. Maybe next time the loser should bake the other person an apple pie. 

How would you feel in the same situation? Comment below!

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