Video: Looking For The Next Big Thing? Human Hoist Is It!

hoist1This has to be one of the coolest inventions we’ve seen in quite a while – the Human Hoist. If you’re not a regular viewer of The History Channel’s Invention U.S.A. program, then you haven’t seen this in action – and you need to.

If you’re a weekend hobbyist who is constantly up and down on the garage floor from underneath your car on jackstands and over to the toolbox and back, you simply have to take a look at this. And even if you’re an experienced shop mechanic who’s got a couple of lifts at his disposal, you’ll want to see what these guys are offering.

The Human Hoist is a combination rolling stool/hydraulic-lowering creeper that moves in all directions and operates with a pair of handgrips. It’s mechanical, full automatic, robotic and adjustable design is powered by a pair of rechargeable 18-volt batteries!

One of the hardest things about working on cars, whether they are daily-drivers or weekend cruisers, is the constant up-and-down and bending over – the physical toll is difficult and often puts mechanics in a tough spot as their careers progress. 

humanhoistBut if you had the ability to sit down all day and roll where you needed to, life would be a whole lot better, right? That’s why creepers and rolling stools exist – to give the mechanic some respite from a long day of pounding the concrete.

Now that the Human Hoist folks have combined all of that into one nifty product, it just got a whole lot easier to work on a car. Especially sweet is the speed with which the Hoist goes from full-up to flat-on-the-back, and the notion of knees that won’t hurt every night and a back that won’t be full of spasms after a long day under the hood or swapping exhaust parts.

Although there is no option to buy online, nor is there any pricing structure available that we could find, there is a handy-dandy submit link where you can ask questions of the manufacturer. Although we’re sure one of these bad boys won’t be inexpensive, the fact that it can replace the creeper and rolling bench, and preserve your physical integrity all in one shot – it looks like a winner to us, no matter the cost. 

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