Video: Local Motors Racing Harness Bar Install on C7 Stingray

You might know Local Motors from their off road bomber The Rally Fighter, but they also build auto accessories as well. We found an install video on YouTube showing how to hook up their racing harness bar to a shiny yellow C7 owned by the Bob Bondurant Driving School.  Running about ten minutes long, the piece shows it’s relatively simple to install, requiring just a drill and some hand tools.

Local 2

Best insurance to walk away from a bang up. Added bonus – looks cool with new C7 seats

Mike from Local Motors walks us through the install step by step, ultimately allowing installation of a Safecraft 5 point racing harness. The bar consists of left and right mounting brackets that attach to the Vette’s metal B-pillar structure and then are connected by the horizontal bar. 

One of the most controversial design elements of the new Vette, aside from the taillights, is the side rear quarter windows that last made an appearance on a Corvette in 1962.  A cool byproduct of this vid is that during the breakdown, most of the interior trim around the Vettes new-fangled B-pillars has to be removed. This gives us a peek at the engineering that went into the metal structure/birdcage beneath these panels and the massaging it must have to taken to get the huge hatch lid to fit around the angled quarter window sail panels. It also is a great tutorial if you ever have to chase a rattle or install speakers in this area of a C7 Corvette.

The Local Motors bar is a high quality piece and fits perfectly, most likely the result of CAD/CAM utilizing 3D structural data of the new Vette from Chevrolet. At $449, it’s an inexpensive accessory that, combined with a racing harness, could save your life in the event of a mishap. Of course, a GoPro could mount here as well.  

If you don’t know about Local Motors, be sure and educate yourself on the modern version of these shade tree mechanics via their website and get familiar with crowdsourcing, micro factories and other cool bits from these high tech hot rodders. For purchasing info of racing harness, go here.

Local 3

Looks like it was built with car at Bowling Green.






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