Video: LMR’s C7 Runs A 175.5 Half-mile – Say What?

It’s loud and clear that the crew over at Late Model Racecraft build some insane Corvettes

Recently, LMR brought out their 1121 rwhp C7 Stingray to the Houston half-mile event and made a few high-speed passes. As you can see in the video, the car gets up to speed without breaking a sweat, but we couldn’t help but notice the long shift times from third to fourth, and from fourth to fifth – weird, right? 

Obviously the shift timing in those gears didn’t affect the speed too much because their quarter and half-mile speeds were some of the fastest, if not the fastest speeds a C7 has ever put down in those categories. Did we mention that LMR is only running the blower in that run? Yep, that’s right, no nitrous was used in that run whatsoever – just imagine what the trap speeds would’ve been if they were running nitrous! They would either be significantly faster, or a whole lot of wheel spin would occur.

Horsepower numbers for the car on boost alone, with no nitrous, is 990 rwhp and 942 lb-ft of torque – definitely enough for a street car if you ask us, but, there is no such thing as too much horsepower, just as long as you can tame it! We have to give the guys over at LMR props for building such a monstrous C7 and showing what these cars are really capable of. Keep at it, fellas – we can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

Below, we’ve attached a video from ThatRacingChannel’s Youtube channel of LMR’s C7 on the dyno – one run on boost alone, and the second run on nitrous – enjoy!


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