Earlier this year, we reported that Late Model Racecraft of Houston, Texas managed to squeeze 835 wheel horsepower out of a wicked ZR1 that they themselves dubbed “the Reaper.” For those of you who have been following LMR and the high-horsepower antics that they have become notorious for, you already know of their talents and legacy.

But behold, for it wasn’t enough that LMR’s over-the-top ZR1 became the fastest in the quarter. Now, LMR has made use of Edelbrock’s E-Force supercharger to yet again make crazy horsepower on a late-model ‘Vette that knows no bounds when it comes to cutting-edge looks and performance.

Introducing LMR’s latest piece of blown ‘Vette madness, the 591-horse “Twisted” Grand Sport, and twisted it indeed is. Not only does it make use of Edelbrock’s puffer specifically designed for ’08-12 C6s, but it also has a very special grind of camshaft which LMR refers to as their “Stealth” cam, which was ordered specifically by the car’s customer.

But apart from the breath of fresh air supplied by the E-Force unit, LMR’s Twisted C6 makes great use of a cold air induction system, stainless steel 1 7/8″ headers, MSD wires with NGK plugs, an underdrive pulley kit and a 160-degree thermostat, all part of a separate yet united package that LMR has deemed their C6 “Slayer” package.

What good does it all do? The proof is in the statistics, and as you can see from our featured video the dyno stats are impressive, with 591 horsepower to the wheels. With high flow injectors and a high output fuel pump to back up the already stout Twisted/Slayer performance combo this C6 has to be one of LMR’s greatest creations yet!