For those individuals who demand more from the C6 ZR1 Corvette, Late Model Racecraft is more than willing to accommodate horsepower junkies. When the factory horsepower ceases to be enough LMR is well known for creating insanely powerful Corvettes. LMR offers a series of packages to suit the demands of even the most rabid performance junkie, and for one ZR1 owner stock was definitely not enough. During a dyno session this black ZR1 laid down an impressive 834.85 horsepower and 826 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels thank to the addition of the LMR Reaper package – you’ve seen this setup at the track, and now we get proof of the numbers they’re laying down.

According to the description provided on YouTube, this ZR1 was in “full track condition running race fuel and no air filter.” While that represents a best-case, max effort scenario, this ZR1 is no slouch on the street with approximately 780 horsepower to the wheels even when it’s not set on “kill.” LMR’s Reaper package includes brand new complete CNC ported and polished cylinder heads that serve to enhance the overall effectiveness of the more basic packages.

The ZR1 lineup starts with the Street Stalker kit that includes stainless steel headers, x-pipe with catalytic converters, an air kit and dyno tuning. Next in line is the Slayer kit that includes an LMR custom ground cam, complete bolt and gasket package, MSD wires and finally, NGK spark plugs. LMR’s Reaper package enhances the overall effectiveness of the above mentioned performance packages.