Livernois Motorsports of Dearborn Heights, Michigan has managed to squeeze massive horsepower out of a nitrous-fed ’08 Z06 using a substantial performance upgrade that they call their “Stage 3” conversion. A combination of head and cam tweaks, the upgrade is good enough to make 630 rear wheel horsepower on the motor alone and 729 on the bottle.

But according to Livernois, the 100-shot of juice on their Stage 3 was actually a little bit of an overkill; the Dearborn Heights builder claims that the red Z06 was actually capable of running a 9.93 pass at 139 MPH naturally aspirated. The Stage 3 conversion itself, however involves much more than just a radical nitrous boost.

Livernois’ valvetrain upgrade consists of their in-house, Stage 3 cam ground specifically for the LS7 mill and tapping a set of dual valve springs. Also helping the LS7 to breathe massive air is a 102mm intake from FAST and a cold air system from Halltech.

The 729-horse Z06 was tuned by Livernois and uses a set of long tube headers and an x-pipe from Kooks to exhale all of its unbridled fury. In our featured video, we see firsthand how all of their Stage 3 tweaks have paid off as the red ‘Vette runs a 9.51 pass at 148.59 MPH with a stock transmission, bottom end, rearend and half shafts.

The nitrous-shot might have been, as Livernois Motorsports claims, a bit too much for an LS7-powered freak of nature that was already pushing 630 wheel horses to begin with. But with a mid-9 second pass in a ‘Vette that’s using a stock gearbox and a factory rear, we’re glad that they went that route anyway!