Video: Livernois Motorsports LS-Series Bronze Lifter Bushing Install

From start to finish, only the best CNC equipment is used at Livernois.

We seldom get to see the behind the scenes skunkworks of a world-famous engine building shop. Usually, these shops like to keep their processes quiet, as not to let out any of their performance secrets. But Livernois Motorsports has decided to give us a peek at some of their work by sending us this video.

In this case, we get to see what exactly is involved with installing a set of bronze lifter bushings into an LS3 block. It begins with cleaning up the block, removing the old bushings and utilizing a CNC machine to make way for the new components.

The bronze lifter bushings are an option for any Livernois build or customer-supplied LS engine block. This allows the use of keyway style or non-keyway style lifter bushings.

According to Livernois, there are numerous lifter bore sizes are supported with varying bushings available, and they can build you any type of engine using any LS-style block. Livernois has plenty of experience working with boosted applications too!

They are among the best in the world with what they do with late-model V8 engines. You can find their engines under the hoods of race cars from all over the globe – from California to the Middle East, and everywhere in between. So whether you’re into drag racing, circle track, road racing, or just want a really quick street car, Livernois can help you out!

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Being into cars at a very early age, Rick has always preferred GM performance cars, and today's LS series engines just sealed the deal. When he's not busy running errands around town in his CTS-V, you can find him in the garage wrenching on his WS6 Trans Am, or at the local cruise spots in his Grand National.
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