Lingenfelter Engineering breaks-down their true but simple formula for making their twin-turbo, 427ci C6 go fast in the standing mile: “For their size, Corvettes are light. And when you fit one of Chevrolet’s 3290-pound sports cars with an especially powerful engine… these cars fly.”

It’s obvious from the C6’s stats and from our featured video from Lingenfelter that “flying” was definitely part of the agenda when building the ’05 twin-turbo ‘Vette, as Lingenfelter Engineering has reported that the 1,038-horse car is capable of hitting over 200 MPH without even a second glance.

“This car with street tires ran the standing mile in 27.2 seconds at 212 MPH with traction being an issue, smoking the tires at 125 MPH in third gear.”

But for as massively impressive as these stats are, Lingenfelter claims that their late model ‘Vette could have done much more. “This car was putting down a blistering 1,038 HP at the rear wheels… Keep in mind this was not the maximum the car could produce but only our target horsepower.”

These output numbers were also the ones that were produced during our featured video’s chassis dyno test, and this particular dyno run was conducted right before Lingenfelter was getting ready to leave for Motor Trend’s June ’06, “Strike Force” standing mile shootout.

Lingenfelter describes their super fast C6 as no less than “ferociously fast,” and the car hits the 200 MPH mark in what they describe as “a distance of 4894 ft…”

The perfect combination of late model displacement and extreme forced induction, Lingenfelter’s twin-turbo C6 has got to be one of the fastest ‘Vettes that have ever run in the history of standing mile performance.