Video: Lingenfelter ZR1 Takes on Ferrari 458 in Standing Mile

Russia is a big, big country. It’s only fitting that they do their drag racing in a big, big way and use as much of that extra space as they can. Rather than running cars against each other for just a quarter of a mile, the quirky Russians kick it up a notch and pit cars in a full standing mile drag race. This video we found on YouTube from the Russian website Drag Times Info features a Ferrari 458 Italia versus the world, as it takes on a Lingenfelter ZR1, a Nissan GTR, and a souped up Audi RS6.

In the first run, the 570 horsepower 458 takes on a 750 horsepower Evotech Stage 2 Audi RS6, and in spite of a huge power advantage, the Ferrari is just too much for the Audi sedan. In the next race, the 458 takes on an AMS Stage 1 Nissan GTR with 600 horsepower. The GTR pounces hard off the line, and never looks back, putting a pretty bad hurt on the ‘lil red Ferrari.

In the final race, the Ferrari takes on the feared and respected Corvette ZR1, that’s been tuned by our friends at Lingenfelter to make 750 horsepower. Off the line the 458 manages to somehow claw out a pretty good lead, but by the half-track point, the ZR1 has reeled in the Italian money pit, and keeps steadily walking away. By the end of the race, the ZR1 has produced the lowest ET of the competition, as well as the highest top speed. Check out the video to watch for this Siberian Show-Down for yourself.

Standing Mile Drag Race Results
570 HP Ferrari 458 Italia – 29.011 at 292.6 KMH (181.7 MPH)
750 HP Evotech Stage 2 Audi RS6 – 29.217 at 290.1 KMH (180.1 MPH)

600 HP Nissan GTR MK.1 AMS Stage 1 – 28.166 at 289.9 KMH (180.02 MPH)
570 HP Ferrari 458 Italia – 28.955 at 292.4 KMH (181.6 MPH)

750 HP Lingenfelter ZR1 – 27.952 at 310.7 KMH (192.6 MPH)
570 HP Ferrari 458 – 28.951 at 293.8 KMH (182.4 MPH)

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