Typically additional LED lighting on a Corvette serves to irritate most enthusiasts, resulting in numerous negative comments, but a lighted Corvette parade tends to make most car lovers smile. Corvettes of Lake County, a Corvette club based in Lakeport, California, took part in the 24th annual Lakeport lighted parade. Along with a few creatively decorated C5 and C6’s, a couple of very limited production Corvettes graced the parade route. According to the description of the YouTube video posted by BUSTER246, one of the five Gatorade Duel Corvettes and one of the nine blue and white Orbitz Corvettes took part in the annual parade presented by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce.

Each of the Corvettes captured on the video is decked out with loads of lights, antlers and a red nose along with some inflatable holiday decorations. What appears to be an Atomic Orange Z06 gives the inflatable Snoopy a little taste of acceleration along with wishing the crowd a happy holiday thanks to the beautiful roar of the engine. With a few limited edition pace cars hitting Main Street during the holiday parade, it is fair to say that the members of Corvettes of Lake County have a magnificent line-up of Corvettes among their ranks. Like many of the Corvette clubs across the country the 35 members of Corvettes of Lake County have a generous spirit and showed their goodwill by handing out free stuffed toys to children during the parade. In fact the Lake County Chamber of Commerce gave recognition to the club’s generosity on the county website.