Video: LG Motorsports Dominates The 2011 Spectre 341 Challenge

A snap of the LG Motorsports ZR1 being unloaded off of its carrier. We're jealous. Image: Motor Mavens/Antonio Alvendia

Well it’s official; Lou Gigliotti did it again. Just the other day, we’ve shared with you the success Lou had with his 2010 ZR1 at this year’s Spectre 341 Challenge, and now we bring to you more pictures and an updated video; courtesy of Speedhunters, Motor Mavens, and

An excellent shot of the LG ZR1 taking a left-hander. Image: Speedhunters/Michael Burroughs

As all of you that have been keeping track already know, Lou beat the previous Corvette record time of 3:33.47 with a 3:21.79 at last year’s event. After some new mods and lots of fine tuning, the Zee beat its own time this past weekend with a 3:14.449. Just some FYI; a time of three minutes and forty-one seconds (or faster) gets you a spot in the “3:41 Club,” a club which has the owner of Spectre Performance, Amir Rosenbaum, sitting on top of the mountain producing a time slip of 3:10 in his now-classic Ferrari F40.

Lou sharing conversation with two other event participants. Image: Speedhunters/Michael Burroughs

For those of you familiar with Lou and his team of experts at LG Motorsports, you can bet he’ll be back next year with more power and a faster time. We would love to see him beat the overall record with the Vette in 2012 (sorry, Amir). But considering Rosenbaum has an interesting array of cars at his disposal himself (he does own Spectre, after all), we wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled something out of thin air once Lou begins to get dangerously close.

LG Motorsports were the only guys hardcore enough to bring tire warmers for their entry. How cool is that? Image: Motor Mavens/Antonio Alvendia

Gigliotti did mention however, that he would’ve pulled a lower time in the 3:11-3:12 range, if had it not been for the unfortunate crash of Pfadt Racing’s Aaron Pfadt. But that’s the name of the game, folks. Auto racing is a potentially dangerous sport, and sometimes mishaps happen. Thankfully nobody was injured and the only damage was a broken wheel on Aaron’s Camaro, and we all know that can be fixed. In the meantime enjoy these new stills, and take a few moments to watch Lou pilot his Vette up five miles of mountain road in a car most of us can only dream of owning.

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