Video: LG Motorsports’ C6 Z06 Does Warehouse Doughnuts

Welcome to today’s webisode of “Would You Do This To Your Vette?” and for those of you who read our work this last July, you may remember that one of our previous installments involved a couple of doughnut freaks at Croatia’s Sveti Martin resort. While there, we saw first-hand just what kind of carnage can be done when you’re in your Vette and you just have way too much time on your hands.

Now we’re doing it again, except this time we hyperlink over to Emory, Texas, where a bad-ass C6 Z06 built by LG Motorsports of Plano, Texas is engaging in some behavior that is just as unnecessary as that which we saw from the red C4 in Croatia.

This time, the doughnut-busting fiend in question is a 793-horse Z06 owned by Koby Kearney. Obviously we’re dealing with a lot more horsepower here than we were at Sveti Martin, but does that warrant the kind of tire-shredding antics that are on display in our featured video?

Some of you who are the biggest Vette buffs at heart may feel that this is a waste of a perfectly-good C6, especially in light of the fact that so much work has been done to the black Z06 in terms of performance.

Would you do doughnuts in your car if you knew that it was a modded Z06 that’s already in the $60k+ range as is?

We’ll leave that up to you, but as we watch the black Vette kick up clouds of smoke and dust inside the Emory warehouse we can’t help but fear that this may be putting at risk both the driveline and the bodywork.

Would you risk it to see what your Z06 can do? If you want to then go for it, but we wouldn’t recommend it; why put yourself in a position where you have to put a home mortgage down on a new crate motor?!

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