They grow up so fast, don’t they? It seems like it was just yesterday that Cleetus McFarland’s stripped down project C5 Corvette was getting boosted with an LSA supercharger setup. Oh, that’s right, the car affectionately named Leroy the Savage just finished the supercharging process a month ago, getting dyno’d at 705-horsepower and 639 ft-lb of torque. However, it seems like that wasn’t enough for our good friend Cleetus. Just a week after posting the “fastest pass of his life”, McFarland unveiled plans to up the boost with a pair of 6466 Precision turbos and a new built Gen IV 427 LS V8 from Texas-Speed & Performance to handle all of the power.

Leroy the Savage Twin Turbo

Leroy the Savage sporting its new twin turbo setup.

As you can expect, the setup looks rather ridiculous. Without body panels to conceal the “twin turbskies,” McFarland has opted to mount the Precision ball bearing turbos in a “bull horn” configuration above the hood line with extremely short chargepipes feeding into a Holley EFI Hi-Ram and a 5-inch thick Shear Fab air-to-water intercooler. The latest setup includes gigantic 66mm waste gates to help correct an issue with boost creep.

Twin Turbo Power

Leroy lays down 1005 horsepower at 15PSI!

In just a few short weeks, Leroy has gone from 700 horsepower to a staggering 1005 wheel horsepower and 956 ft-lbs of torque at only 15PSI. Feasibly, they can pull a few more horse out of the engine, however the current fuel pump simply cannot supply enough gas to the engine. With the showdown between Kyle Loftis’ Unicorn C5 coming up in a few days, the added punch from the turbos could be the deciding factor!