Video: Learn To Drift Your Corvette In One Easy Lesson!

Corvettes may not be the first car that you think of when you think of drifting, but according to Drivers East’s driving instructions, Corvettes can be well managed drifting machines. If the right techniques are used as well as the right touch, Corvettes can easily be put into a controlled slide. This type of maneuver is beneficial in drift racing as well as being a useful technique in certain autocross situations.

Corvette Demos Basic Drifting Techniques

There are a few different techniques that can be used when drifting. One is pulling the emergency brake when going into a turn as seen in movies like “The Fast and the Furious.” Another technique is called a slide slip. This drifting technique is recommended when drifting Corvettes because of the amount of horsepower they have. In order to pull off this technique, one accelerates and turns the steering wheel until the wheels break loose. Then the throttle is maintained and opposite lock is fed into the steering in order to get a good drift and not spin out.

Drivers East recommends three different things when drifting your Corvette for the first time. The first is to check your tire pressure. Having correct tire pressure will insure that you don’t push the plow on your front end. The next is to find and maintain focus marks. These marks should be reference points as to where you want your car to go rather than just looking directly over the hood of your car. The third recommendation is to keep a loose grip on your steering wheel. This will allow the wheel to slip back to its neutral position when in a drift.

A few common mistakes are made when trying to drift, according to Drivers East. These include over cranking the steering wheel, causing the driver to have to correct more when coming out of a drift, and using too much gas. Drivers East warns against crossing your hands over one another when steering in a slide. All good information for Corvette drivers that want to take their driving skills to a new level.

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