Automobiles have inspired art projects ever since the earliest cars first hit the roads, and the past century has seen the rise of an entire industry centered on auto art and memorabilia. From concept cars and pinstripping to entire automotive murals, cars and art just go together, though drawing and wrenching tend to call upon very different skill sets.

uncle-artyBut if you take the time to practice, practice, practice, than you may be able to one day draw your own concept cars. Need a mentor? Well “Uncle Arty” might just be your guy, as he shows us how to draw a crow-driven Corvette in a cartoon style, and throws in some singing for extra entertainment value.

That may not sound appealing, but this video is worth sticking around for if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at drawing a cartoon Corvette. Uncle Arty’s show is mostly directed at helping children discover the wonder and fun of art, but the Corvette is certainly a car that appeals more to Arty’s generation than to children of the 21st century. But that’s what the puppet crow is for, we guess.


He may not be a Pablo Picasso, but for five minutes of work Arty churns out a decent-looking ‘Vette, and delivers some fantastic vocals as well. It’s a little weird too, but we like when a video catches us off-guard. Regardless, we now at least a basic understanding of how to draw a Corvette driven by a bird. That’s something we didn’t know five minutes ago.