Mustangsky & Hutch 2011 Mustang Rendering: You Asked For It…

We don’t even know where to start with this. See, last week, on of our editors got all creative with a photo of our 2011 Mustang GT, turning it into a modern-day version of the General Lee. We posted it because we thought it was kind of cool, and we figured there were at least a few Dukes of Hazzard fans out there.

But the response was way more than we expected, with a sometimes brutal back-and-forth over whether or not this was cool. You people have certainly have a lot of opinions, which is why we just had to come up with yet another take on a famous TV star car turned modern Mustang. After much debate, squabbling, and name calling, we present you with…Mustangsky & Hutch.

Yup, we went there alright. If Starsky & Hutch were transported from 1975 (when the show first aired) to 2012, their precious Ford Gran Torino would be sorely outpaced by even your grandmother’s Toyota Camry. They would need a major horsepower upgrade…so why not a 2011 Mustang GT? Sure, it lacks the massive presence of the 1975 Gran Torino nicknamed “The Striped Tomato”, but it is a helluva lot faster and way more agile.

The Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino remains a mainstay at many car shows across the country…but an upgrade to Mustang styling would be a welcome change if you ask us. Who knows, maybe some Hollywood producer is looking at this picture right now, imagining a 21st century Starsky & Hutch duo patrolling the streets of SoCal.

So what do you think readers? Does Mustangsky & Hutch work? What other classic TV star cars do you think would make great modern day Mustangs?

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Christopher DeMorro is a freelance writer and journalist from Connecticut with two passions in life; writing and anything with an engine. This has led him to pursue a full time career as a freelancer with a focus on motor vehicles of all kinds.
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