Late Model Racecraft, or LMR, out of Houston, Texas is currently offering a performance package for the ZR1 Corvette that brings GM’s blown, LS9-powered supercar to an astronomical 885bhp, achieving a world record quarter-mile run of 9.682 at 147mph. This record-shattering run happened on December 9th of this year, and it happened at the Royal Purple Raceway of Baytown, Texas.

The performance package is LMR’s own, ZR1-based “Reaper” package.  The Corvette ZR1 that one could imagine GM custom-building for Darth Vader himself! The Reaper ZR1 from Late Model Racecraft still maintains the supercharged LS9 motor of the factory car, except that several motor mods have been made by LMR to give the already lethal ZR1 an even more competitive edge. Among these include a set of stainless steel, C6 ZR1 7/8 headers from American Racing, port-and-polished heads, ARP head bolts, NGK spark plugs with MSD, 8.5m plug wires, a C6 ZR1 high-flow intake and a Comp Cams, LS9 cam kit, including a custom-ground camshaft with a double valve spring kit and titanium retainers, good for up to .675 lift.

LMR’s “Reaper” ZR1 also features an ’09-’11, Corvette ZR1 harmonic balancer kit, and the ‘Vette’s cooling system features a 160-degree, LS9 thermostat. All of the ZR1’s head gaskets are from GM, and the Reaper package also includes LMR’s one-of-a-kind, “Mild to Wild” exhaust switch. Boasting itself as the world’s fastest ZR1 ‘Vette with a factory engine block, rotating assembly, and supercharger, LMR’S “Reaper” ZR1 is dyno-tuned and professionally built, and in light of the super ‘Vette’s world-record making status, LMR of Houston promises that you too may one day be able to own and drive what truly is, the world’s fastest ZR1 Corvette!